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Different Types of Ringtones November 27, 2007

A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone or cellular phone to indicate an incoming call. The term, nowadays, is most often used to refer to the customizable sounds available on mobile phones. This product was first provided so that people would be able to determine exactly which phone was ringing when in the location of other mobile phones. Overtime, as ringtone started gaining popularity, they are more used to identify and represent the mobile phone owner’s interest in music, films, or personality. For example, you might want to add your favorite band’s new music as your music ringtone.

Type of Ringtones

Monophonic Ringtone
A Monophonic ringtone is a ringtone that can play only one type of musical tone at a time. This is the type of ringtone you used to hear back in 1990’s or early 2000s’. Though many people today still prefer monophonic ringtone for nostalgic reason. 

Polyphonic Ringtone
A Polyphonic ringtone is a ringtone that can play several types of tones at a time (usually up to 72 in recent phones). These recordings specify what instrument should play a note at a given time, but the actual instrument sound is dependent upon the playback device. Though the quality of Polyphonic ringtones are not as good as realtones, you do hear many polyphonic ringtones on the street since it usually cost only $1.99 per download, versus $2.99 for a MP3 tone, purchased from cell phone carriers. 

Realtone, MP3 Ringtone, Mastertone, or True Tone
Though with many different names, Realtone/MP3 Ringtone/ Mastertone/Truetone is a ringtone which has been encoded with a high fidelity format such MP3, AAC, or WMA format. Most new mobile phone devices supports realtones, and it is the most common ringtone purchased/downloaded today. It is often also referred to as a Mastertone (since it is made from the “Master” copy of a song recording).  So, if you own Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” MP3, and upload to, that would qualify as a Realtone/Ture Tone since it was created from an original MP3 recording in its most high quality audio state.


Convert iTunes M4P, AAV file to MP3 Ringtones

Kudos to you, iTunes users! You guys are the pioneers in transforming P2P file-sharing to legal digital media downloading.  Without you guys iTunes and legal music downloading would never have the success they have today, regardless of the shutting down of Napster, Kazza, etc.   Unfortunately……. most tracks purchased on iTunes are DRM-protected files such as M4P or AAV files, and LilTone currently only support MP3 and WAV format.  We highly encourage you to continue buying legal download from iTunes and keep the music/online entertainment industry healthy; therefore, we are working hard to figure out easier ways for you to make unlimited free ringtones from M4P and AAV files just like MP3s.   For now, please follow the simple instructions below to convert iTune .m4p and .aav files to standard .mp3s: 

  • Burn the track to an audio CD or burn the track using a virtual CD software, such as CD Emulator, which eliminates the need for real CD-R discs and works like a real CD-ROM.
  • Open the CD or virtual CD in iTunes.
  • Click on the “Edit” menu, choose “Preferences”, click on the “Advanced” tab, “Importing tab underneath it.
  • Change the “Import Using” score-down menu from the default setting to “MP3 Encoder”. (see image below)
    iTunes screenshot
  • Click OK to save this setting
  • Right-click on a music track in iTunes
  • Choose option “Convert Selection to MP3”

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