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Ringtone Download Instruction for Samsung Mobile Phones December 13, 2007

For Cingular, AT&T and T-Mobile Users

  • Check new Text Message
  • Select Options
  • Scroll down to find: “Save Address”, “Cut Address”, “Go to Address”, “Extract Address” or “User Info”
  • Scroll down and highlight the link address: ‘…”
  • Select “Options menu” and click on “Connect or Go to URL”
  • Save the free ringtone after download completes

For Verizon Users

  • Check New Text Message and press Ok.
  • Select the menu button under View
  • Press the “Right” direction pad to show the details of the ringtone.
  • Click ‘Option
  • Select Save Msg and then Save Sound
  • Exit
  • In main phone menu screen, select Menu > My Media > Audio
  • Scroll down to your new LilTone ringtone, hit Play
  • Go to Options > Set As Ring Tone.

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