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Anti-Valentine’s Day Ringtones January 19, 2008

The world is (perhaps) divided into two types of people, the Valentine’s Day lovers, and the Valentine’s Day haters. If you are a Valentine’s Day lover, please visit our Love Ringtones/Free Valentine’s Day Ringtones page to sample some love music ringtones created by fellow LilTone members, they will surely put you in a lovely, giggly and cuddley mood when your cellphone rings…. If you are not one of those people, please visit our Anti-Valentine’s Day Ringtone page for a collection of anti-valentine’s day music ringtones, a.k.a., hate tones, rage ringtones, regret tones, and even revenge ringtones.

  • Please post your recommended Anti-Valentine’s Day Ringtones on this Blog!
  • Check out current top anti-valentine’s day ringtones on LilTone at:
    Anti-Valentine’s Day Ringtones


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