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Lil Green Tones Project February 26, 2008

We believe that most people (including ourselves) sometimes needs the little reminder to do the big changes in life of going green, such as turning off the lights, TV, radio, computers, recycling, doing filter changes and oil changes to improve fuel efficiency, using public transportation, and eating less beef.That’s why at LilTone, we encourage you to create, download, and share some of these Lil Green Tones, just as a reminder for yourself and your friends to start or continue doing things to collaboratively save this planet! Join the Lil Green Tones Project now! Let’s help the planet stay a little greener and healthier.


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We select some tones that may act as a reminder for you and your friends to participate in more actions to stop climate crisis. Some of them comes straight form the 2007 Live Earth Concert, and some of them are hand-picked by our savvy editors.