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Lil Green Tones Project February 26, 2008

We believe that most people (including ourselves) sometimes needs the little reminder to do the big changes in life of going green, such as turning off the lights, TV, radio, computers, recycling, doing filter changes and oil changes to improve fuel efficiency, using public transportation, and eating less beef.That’s why at LilTone, we encourage you to create, download, and share some of these Lil Green Tones, just as a reminder for yourself and your friends to start or continue doing things to collaboratively save this planet! Join the Lil Green Tones Project now! Let’s help the planet stay a little greener and healthier.


Check out Top Lil Green Tones

We select some tones that may act as a reminder for you and your friends to participate in more actions to stop climate crisis. Some of them comes straight form the 2007 Live Earth Concert, and some of them are hand-picked by our savvy editors.


Anti-Valentine’s Day Ringtones January 19, 2008

The world is (perhaps) divided into two types of people, the Valentine’s Day lovers, and the Valentine’s Day haters. If you are a Valentine’s Day lover, please visit our Love Ringtones/Free Valentine’s Day Ringtones page to sample some love music ringtones created by fellow LilTone members, they will surely put you in a lovely, giggly and cuddley mood when your cellphone rings…. If you are not one of those people, please visit our Anti-Valentine’s Day Ringtone page for a collection of anti-valentine’s day music ringtones, a.k.a., hate tones, rage ringtones, regret tones, and even revenge ringtones.

  • Please post your recommended Anti-Valentine’s Day Ringtones on this Blog!
  • Check out current top anti-valentine’s day ringtones on LilTone at:
    Anti-Valentine’s Day Ringtones


Free Valentine’s Day Ringtones

This Valentine’s Day, serenade your special someone by making an original romantic music ringtone. Give your mobile phone a little sound of love with classic love music from Barry Manilow, Il Divo, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera. Make sure that you share your special little love tones with your partner so both of you will feel loved when the phone rings. Your love tones will help you portray your “Endless Love”, tell her that “You Are So Beautiful”, and let her/him know that “I Will Always Love You”. 


Ringtone Download Instruction for Sprint PCS Mobile Phones December 13, 2007

 For Sprint Users

  • Open the Text Message.
  • Select Menu > Details
  • Select “Save Itesm”
  • Download file as your Sprint music ringtone.


Ringtone Download Instruction for LG Mobile Phones

For Verizon Users

  • Open the PIX/MMS or TXT Message
  • Select Options
  • Select Save As Ringtone and follow additional instruciton on your phone.


Ringtone Download Instruction for Samsung Mobile Phones

For Cingular, AT&T and T-Mobile Users

  • Check new Text Message
  • Select Options
  • Scroll down to find: “Save Address”, “Cut Address”, “Go to Address”, “Extract Address” or “User Info”
  • Scroll down and highlight the link address: ‘…”
  • Select “Options menu” and click on “Connect or Go to URL”
  • Save the free ringtone after download completes

For Verizon Users

  • Check New Text Message and press Ok.
  • Select the menu button under View
  • Press the “Right” direction pad to show the details of the ringtone.
  • Click ‘Option
  • Select Save Msg and then Save Sound
  • Exit
  • In main phone menu screen, select Menu > My Media > Audio
  • Scroll down to your new LilTone ringtone, hit Play
  • Go to Options > Set As Ring Tone.

Ringtone Download Instruction for Nokia Mobile Phones

For Cingular, AT&T and T-Mobile Users

  • Check New Text Message
  • Click Options > Use Detail > Web Address > Options > Go To
  • The browser will display a message similar to “Your ringtone ready for download from here”
  • Select Start Download
  • Select Open Link or Open URL
  • Go to Tone Received page
  • Select Play
  • Chose Options > Set as ringtone